The attached CD does not play on my CD player.

商品の一部には、オーディオCDではなくMP3 CDが付属されているものがございます。

使用教材の付属CDがMP3 CDの場合は、MP3 CD対応のCDプレイヤーまたはパソコンで再生できます。(Windows 推奨)

MP3対応CDプレイヤーやパソコンで再生が出来ない場合、他のMP3 CDで動作確認をしていただき、MP3対応CDプレイヤーに問題が無い場合は教材ご購入先へご連絡いただけますでしょうか。


Some of our books have MP3 CDs rather than normal audio CDs. MP3 CDs can be played either on a CD player that supports MP3 discs or on a computer (Windows recommended).

For MP3 CDs that will not play on a MP3 compatible CD player or computer, please first confirm that your MP3 compatible CD player and computer have no problem playing other MP3 CDs and then contact the bookstore from which you purchased the product to report the problem.

MP3 CDはオーディオCDと違うのですか。

What is the difference between MP3 CDs and auduio CDs?

見た目は同じですが、記録の形式が異なります。MP3形式はファイルサイズを圧縮して記録するため、MP3 CD1枚でオーディオCD数枚分が記録できます。MP3 CDの再生にはMP3対応のCDプレイヤーやパソコンをお使いください。データをコンピューターに取り込んでいただくと、お持ちのMP3プレイヤーにも転送ができ、また通常のCDを作成することも可能です。


Although similar in appearance, MP3 CDs and audio CDs differ in recording format and the amount of data that can be stored on them. MP3 CDs store media in a compressed form. An audio file on an MP3 CD can be a tenth of the size of the same file in audio CD format. MP3 CDs can be played on CD players that support MP3 format and also on computers. You can save the data from the MP3 CDs onto your computer and transfer the audio tracks to an MP3 player. You may also wish to copy the audio tracks from your computer onto a regular audio CD, if your classroom CD player does not support MP3 CDs.


Where can I buy Compass Publishing and Seed Learning materials?

Seed Learning, Compass Publishing教材の注文は全国の書店またはブックセラー、オンライン書店でお買い求めいただけます。当ホームページのWhere to buyのページに書店一覧がございますので、ご参照ください。



Seed Learning and Compass Publishing materials are available through bookstores, booksellers, and online booksellers. You can find bookstores in your area on the "Where to buy" page.

Please note that the availability is different for each store


Can I view samples of Compass Publishing and Seed Learning materials online?



Seed Learning

Compass Publishing


Yes, sample pages of Seed Learning and Compass Publishing materials are available at their websites.

You can download some content such as audio files, etc. from the websites for free.

Seed Learning

Compass Publishing


How can I request inspection copies of Compass Publishing and Seed Learning materials?





Inspection copies are available for courses with 30 or more students. To obtain an inspection copy, please complete the inspection copy request [link] and submit. 

Please note that inspection copies are not available in some cases.


The book I purchased is defective / damaged.



We apologize for any inconvenience caused by defective or damaged material. For all inquiries regarding returns, please contact the bookstore from which the book was purchased.


How can I download onlime content (audio files, answer keys, transcripts, tests, etc.)?

≪オンラインコンテンツのダウンロード方法 How to download online content≫

Compass Publishing

1. Compass Publishingのウェブサイトにアクセス

  Access the Compass Publishing website

2. ホームページの検索バーに教材タイトルかISBN、もしくは著者名を記入して検索する

   Type the title, ISBN or author in the search bar located at the top of the page on the Home page.

3. タイトルもしくは「Detail」をクリック

Click the title or "Detail”

4. 青いアイコンをクリックして、コンテンツをダウンロードする

 Click the blue icon to download content.





Seed Learning

1. 教材紹介用ウェブサイトにアクセス

Access each textbook's website


Click "Download"

3.ダウンロードしたいコンテンツのアイコンをクリック、もしくは「Download All」をクリックして全てのコンテンツをダウンロードする

Click the icon, or click "Download All" to download all the content.




Student Digital Materials, Classroom Digital Materialsとは何ですか。

What are Student Digital Materials and Classroom Digital Materials?

Student Digital Materials

教材の付属CD-ROMに含まれるStudent Digital Materialsとは、復習用デジタル教材のことです。Class Boosterという復習用アプリケーションが収録されています。

Student Digital Material included in the attached CD-ROM is digital material for review. The application called Class Booster is included for further practice.


Classroom Digital Materials

教材の付属CD-ROMに含まれるClassroom Digital Materialsには、Student Bookの電子版が収録されています。パソコンでCD-ROMを取り込み、テレビやプロジェクター接続し内容を表示することで、授業内でお使いいただけます。

Classroom Digital Material included in the attached CD-ROM is an interactive e-book that allows teachers to show the student book content in the classroom to facilitate teaching. You need a computer that is connected to either a TV or a projector inside the classroom for students to view while you are teaching.

Class Boosterとは何ですか。

What is Class booster?

Class Boosterとは、Compass Publishing教材の復習用アプリケーションです。パソコン・スマートフォン・タブレットに専用アプリケーションをダウンロードすることでお使いいただけますので、授業で学んだことをどこでも復習することができます。Class Booster対応教材の各ユニット内容に沿った、単語クイズ・並べ替え問題等が用意されています。それぞれの課題をこなすことで自分の選んだキャラクターを育成できる機能が付いており、ゲーム感覚で復習することが出来ます。先生用・生徒用のアカウントが用意されているので、先生は生徒の学習状況を確認することが出来ます。


Class Booster is an application for some of Compass Publishing's titles. The service is accessible on mobile devices and PCs. With the Class Booster app, students can review the content they have learned in a unit. Packed with fun games and activities, Class Booster motivates learning outside the classroom. Students can study each unit to collect stars to grow their avatar. Teachers can track each student's activity and receive reports.


How lond does it take to get back-ordered materials?


Delivery will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.


The attached CD did not come with the textbook.


We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact the bookstore from which the book was purchased.

Compass Digibooksでテキストのアクセスコードを入力しても無効と出てしまいます。

I am Trying to add a book on Compass Digibooks and getting the error message: "The access code is invalid." What should I do?



The expiration date of the access code is one year from the registration. You can not use the code on multiple accounts. 

教材付属の別冊Answer Key・Transcriptを紛失しました、購入できますか。

I have lost the detachable Answer Key & Transcript attached to the textbook. Can I buy it?

恐れ入りますが、別冊Answer Key・Transcriptなどの付属品の単独販売は行っておりません。



We are afraid that accessories such as the detachable Answer Key & Transcript are not sold separately. Please visit the publisher's website. You can download answer keys and other downloadable materials for free.

Sounds Great の付属CD-ROMをパソコンで再生したときに、マウスが反応しません。

The mouse pointer does not work when I play the attached CD-ROM of Sounds Great.

パソコン(OS: Windows 10)でフルスクリーン表示した場合、画像とポインターの反応する位置に微妙なズレが生じることが確認されております。

The mouse pointer sometime does not work in full screen when you play the CD-ROM on Windows 10.



How to fix the error:


1. CD-ROMで最初に表示される画面にてキーボードの「Esc」キーを押すと画面が縮小されます。

  Press the Esc key to exit full-screen mode.


2. 縮小した画面上で該当箇所をクリックし、マウスが反応することを確認してください。


  Make sure the mouse pointer works on the reduce screen display.

    Once it works on the reduced screen display, it will work in full-screen mode.