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Good Writers

Good Writers は初級上レベルの学習者が、集中して段階的にライティング力をつけていく教材です。考えをまとめ、文章を組み立て、概要やまとめの文章を書く方法を学びます。そしてライティングの工程の中でも大切な、自分が書いた文章を編集する作業も学びます。ライティング力が鍛えられ、書くことで伝える力に自信が持てるようになります。

Good Writers is a three-level writing series for high beginning students of English. It emphasizes a focused, gradual approach to build the writing skills of English language learners. As the series progresses, students learn how to organize their thoughts, put sentences together, and choose suitable topic sentences and concluding sentences. The series also encourages students to edit their writing—an important part of the writing process. Students who complete this series will develop stronger writing skills and gain confidence in their ability to communicate through the written word.

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