Zoom Webinar: Splash into the Weather (Sat. May 21)

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Please join Compass Publishing's new kinder coursebook 'Splash!'s webinar!


Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 12PM JST


Shaila Pinedo Murphy

Shaila Pinedo Murphy is an English teacher with years of experience. Obtaining part of her Education at ASU (Arizona State University) and a Diploma in Teaching English by ITSON (Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora). Professional experience in both the Tourism Industry and Education with a focus on cross cultural aspects of a bilingual education. She is an experienced Professor in Basic Education, developing relevant learning skills and good study habits for her students.

She is also a professional English teacher focused on maximizing student learning potential through diverse instructional strategies and classroom management techniques. Expert in developing and adapting course materials to meet established standards and individual academic capabilities.


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Splash! Kindergarten Coursebook

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