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BIG SHOW 1キャンペーンセット / Teacher’s Pack のご案内

Compass Publishing子供向けCoursebook

BIG SHOWレベル1キャンペーンセットをご案内いたします。

BIG SHOW 1 Teacher’s Pack, available at a bargain price!

BIG SHOW 1 キャンペーンセット / Teacher's Pack

BIG SHOWキャンペーンセットは、Level 1のStudent Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Guideの3冊が含まれているセットです。Teacher’s GuideにはStudent Bookの使い方が細かく書かれており、Student Book内の音声や解答、フラッシュカード、テキストのPowerPoint版が収録されているDVD-ROMが付属しています。BIG SHOW 1を教えるのに必要なものが揃ったお得なセットです!

This Teacher’s Pack includes Level 1 Student Book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide. Teacher’s Guide provides step-by-step guidance on all content in the Student Book and comes with a DVD-ROM that has MP3 audio, Answer Keys, Flash Cards, Classroom PowerPoint files, etc.


Title:BIG SHOW キャンペーンセット (BIG SHOW Teacher’s Pack)


セット内容/Teacher’s Pack includes:

・One BIG SHOW Level 1 Student Book with Student Digital Materials CD(¥2,530)

・One BIG SHOW Level 1 Workbook (¥1,210)

・One BIG SHOW Level 1 Teacher’s Guide with Teacher’s Materials DVD(¥3,300)

➡ 上記3冊が¥7,040 ¥2,530で購入いただけます!

You can get 3 books for ¥7,040 ¥2,530 !

*税込価格/The price includes consumption tax.


Big Showは6レベルからなる英語学習初級者から中級者向けのコースブックです。

CEFRをもとにしたカリキュラムで構成されています (CEFR: Pre A1からA2) 。


BIG SHOW is a six-level coursebook designed for beginner to intermediate learners. Built around a CEFR-based curriculum (Pre-A1 to A2), this six-level comprehensive language program takes students gradually from producing simple phrases to complex sentences in a widening range of topic areas and situations. Each unit includes conversations, songs, comics, stories, and activities developed to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Also, engaging videos will provide opportunities for developing digital literacy and 21st century skills.

詳しくは/For more information ➡

How to Order


For ordering the Teacher’s Pack, please visit Kids Mart or bookstores.


* Please note that this pack is available only while supplies last.


If you have any questions, please contact us at


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