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Early Writers

Early Writers は小学生向けの初心者向けライティング教材です。楽しみながら着実にライティング力を身につけられるよう、段階を踏んで進みます。基本的な文法を理解し、文章を組み立て、自分の文章を見直し修正することまで、ライティングの手順を通して学習者を導きます。各ユニットにはお手本として活用できるように実用的な語彙や役に立つ文型のパッセージが用意されています。ライティングの力が付き、学習者は文章で伝達できることに自信を持てます。

Early Writers is a three level beginner series designed for elementary school students. The series uses a step by step approach to build the writing skills of English language learners in an interesting and fun way. From understanding basic grammar, constructing sentences, and learning how to self edit, Early Writers guides students through the writing process. Each unit features an original passage with useful vocabulary and helpful sentence patterns which students can use as a model to create their own personal passage. Students who complete this series will develop stronger writing skills and gain confidence in their ability to communicate.

For more information, please visit the publisher's website.



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