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Boost English

Boost Englishは幼児・小学生が4技能をバランス良く学べる6レベルのシリーズです。子供達にとって、


回しから複雑な文章表現までを無理なく、楽しく習得していきます。Boost Englishはタイトル通り、英語


BOOST ENGLISH is a six-level language series designed specifically for young EFL learners. The series’ curriculum is a fresh and exciting introduction to English language study that advances students from simple phrases to complex sentences with ease and comfort. As the name suggests, BOOST ENGLISH is a booster for teachers and students.







・Theme-based learning through conversations, stories, and language builders

・Entertaining games and fun and catchy songs with animated videos

・Children-friendly characters and vibrant illustrations and photos

・Engaging exercises that address all four language skills

For more information, please visit the publisher's website.


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