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Rhythm Grammar

Rhythm Grammarは小中学生向けの文法教材です。BasicとIntermediateの2レベル、全6冊の


Rhythm Grammar is suitable for elementary and junior high school students. The series is with 6 books in 2 levels, and adapting a spiral curriculum which reviews previous grammar points.



 STEP 1: Check Your Understanding - 文法事項の使い方を確認

 STEP 2: Catch the Grammar - 練習問題で学んだ事項を定着

 STEP 3: Make Sentences - 学んだ文法事項を使って作文練習


・各ユニットで学んだ文法事項をまとめたMy Grammar Notes

・Review Test、Final Testで理解度を確認


・10 units per level, 3 steps per unit with 6 pages

STEP 1: Check Your Understanding

STEP 2: Catch the Grammar

STEP 3: Make Sentences

・Clear explanations with simple tables, realistic examples, and illustrations

・Review Test and Final Test to assist acquisition

For more information, please visit the publisher's website.



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