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Seed Learning New & Best-Selling Titles

New Titles


Fast Track 1-3

Fast Track is a three-level series designed for young-adult and adult learners of English who have had some exposure to English but need review practice and fluency development to become better communicators. Each thematically-organized unit in the series integrates functional language models with skill-based activities. Lessons guide students from speaking together using structured dialogs to engaging in more flexible conversations using theme-based sets of questions. Informative readings on topics provide springboards for additional engaging in-class discussions.


Early Listeners 1-3

Early Listeners is a three-book series designed to develop the listening skills of students as they move from the beginning to high-beginning levels of English (CEFR A1). Each unit in this series features distinct listening opportunities including short and long conversations, talks, and videos.

Good Listeners 1-3

Good Listeners is a three-book series designed to develop the listening skills of English language learners at the high beginning level (CEFR A1-High). Each unit focuses on thematically categorized dialogs and short talks that are based around topics relevant to the typical learner’s life.

Graded Readers

Culture Readers: Holidays 1-4

Culture Readers: Holidays is a new nonfiction series that explores holidays and festivals celebrated around the world. The series explains important aspects of these holidays including when they are celebrated, how they began, and what people do for them. Readers will get a glimpse into the history and beliefs of different cultures as they learn about dates and times of the year designated for celebrations worldwide. In particular, the series aims to broaden the perspective of learners who may have limited exposure to other cultures by presenting positive and accurate portraits of customs and traditions around the world.

Best-Selling Titles


Timed Reading for Fluency 1-4

Timed Reading for Fluency is a useful series for students who want to develop their reading fluency. Because fluency development requires students to make the best use of what they already know, the reading passages in this series target familiar vocabulary and grammar. Such reading material allows students to practice recognizing and processing texts that they read without undue struggle while aiming toward a faster reading speed. This series of books uses timed readings of standard lengths so that students can track their progress throughout the course.


Speaking for Presentations 1-2

Speaking for Presentations is an innovative two-book series designed to develop the public speaking skills of adolescent and adult English language learners at the high-beginning to intermediate level. While helping students gain confidence and improve their public speaking abilities, the series gives students a detailed guide to the delivery of great speeches and the preparation of dynamic presentations. This series will prepare students for any kind of speaking from casual descriptions of personal experiences to more formal, research-based presentations.


TOEIC Skills Series

Building TOEIC Skills, Developing TOEIC Skills and Mastering TOEIC Skills are designed to assist students in achieving their TOEIC® goals. The series provides thorough test preparation and extensive practice of TOEIC®-style questions. This practical series is aimed at students at different stages of their TOEIC® preparation.

Completing TOEIC Skills is a set of five full-length TOEIC® style tests intended for students who wish to practice their listening and reading skills in preparation for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. The book is ideal for test takers of all levels and provides extensive practice in answering TOEIC® style questions.

Graded Readers

Future Jobs Readers 1-4

Future Jobs Readers is a new nonfiction series that explores exciting new careers that may soon become available to young people today. The series explains the type of work these careers will entail along with the kind of study and experience they require. Many of the careers that the series focuses on relate to developing technologies with applications in many different fields. In particular, the series aims to spark the interest of readers in considering the study of STEM-related subject areas that can open up new horizons for the next generation in the workplace.

World History Readers 1-6

World History Readers is a new nonfiction series from world history. There are stories about Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Genghis Khan, the French Revolution, the Birth of the USA, and much more. There are exciting stories about historical people and events which shaped our world then, and still do today.


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