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Listen Up, Speak Out

Listen Up, Speak Outは6冊からなる小学生以上の学習者向けリスニング・スピーキング教材です。日常の場面だけでなく、教科の学習場面での聞く・話す力を伸ばします。現実の世界では話すことと聞くことが切り離せないように、このシリーズはスピーキングとリスニングのスキルを併せて使うことに重点を置いています。

Listen Up, Speak Out is a six-book shared skill book series that guides young learners to developing authentic and academic English speaking and listening skills. The books place intensive focus on using both speaking and listening skills together to emulate a real-world English-speaking environment.









・Activities integrating speaking and listening simultaneously

・Student-centered creative speaking activities

・CLIL activities

・Scaffolded curriculum

・Frequent TOEIC®-style listening assessments

・Authentic language spoken by native speakers

For more information, please visit the publisher's website.



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